ARCOL High-Reliability Power Resistors to withstand adverse conditions

BEC Distribution, ARCOL’s Premier UK Distribution Partner has announced the availability of the ARCOL V-Series of Vitreous Enamelled Resistors which are designed for high reliability, to withstand adverse conditions. They are suitable for low-inductance, high-level pulse applications where extreme conditions may also be found.

The ARCOL V-Series Resistors are available in a range from 30 to 500 watts. The nickel-chrome winding is protected by several coats of enamel, which has been fired to produce a high-reliability resistor, for use in harsh or extreme environments.

The V-series range is also ideally suited to high-level pulse applications. In addition, the design features Ayrton Perry windings, providing low inductance characteristics.

ARCOL’s V-Series Vitreous Enamelled Resistors are RoHS Compliant and can be supplied unmounted or with a variety of mounting styles: Horizontal mounting; Vertical mounting; Through-bolt mounting; and Ferrule clips.

Cut-outs can be fitted to certain resistors which will operate a contact to disconnect the resistor to prevent overload damage.

Contact BEC’s sales office on 0845 4900 405 or email for instant stock availability and pricing.