BEC stocks ARCOL HS Resistors with a market-leading balance of pulse power capability vs physical size

BEC Distribution, franchised distributor for ARCOL Resistors, has announced the stock availability of the HS series of high-power, aluminium-housed resistors which they believe offer a market-leading balance of pulse power capability versus physical size. For example, the HS300 has a power rating of 300W with a heatsink, and is packaged within an aluminium housing of just 128x42x46mm. Liquid cooling can provide a massive 600W-900W capability.

BEC Distribution believes that its stockholding of ARCOL Resistors is one of the largest worldwide, which they combine with high levels of customer support.

The ARCOL HS power resistors are manufactured using a high-quality wire-wound design to maximise this high pulse capability. For example, from high ambient temperatures the power dissipates linearly to zero. Ten standard wattages are offered, from 10W-300W. The HS resistors are manufactured in line with the requirements of MIL 18546 and IEC 115 and are RoHS compliant.

The HS power resistors are optimised for linearity, stability and reliability, making them suitable for many different applications including: snubber; braking resistor; inrush limiter; inverter/converter; and balancing resistor designs.

The ARCOL HS power resistors are designed and manufactured for easy assembly. The Ohmic resistance values vary from R005 to 100K depending on wattage size and the tolerances values for low Ω values are typically ≥ R05 ±5% ≤ R047 ±10%. The temperature coefficients are typically < 1K 100ppm standard > 1K 25ppm as standard. Many different electrical terminations are available.

Contact BEC’s sales office on 0845 4900 405 or email for stock availability and pricing.