Thick-Film Power Resistors for high pulse-load applications

The ARCOL range of FPA Thick-Film Power Resistors are manufactured using innovative, printed metal-oxide resistance film to maximise their suitability for high pulse-load applications.

For example, the power dissipation of the FPA600 is rated at 600W and it can withstand a short-term overload of 1kW for 10 seconds. Applications include motor control; traction; snubber; inverters/converters; variable speed drives; and robotics.

The ARCOL FPA Power Resistors also feature a non-inductive design, making them ideally-suited to high-frequency applications.

The packaging options inculude Isotop/TO227 semiconductor styles, with standard fixing centres. A number of connection options are available: 2 terminals or 4 terminals, in parallel or series. The mounting design is vibration-proof.

Features of the ARCOL FPA Range of Power Resistors

  • Very high power density in a compact package
  • Very small footprint area
  • RoHS compliant
  • Designed for easy assembly
  • Very low-inductance value, effectively non-inductive
  • Direct or heatsink mounting
  • Liquid or air-cooled
  • Wide operating temperature range of -55°C to +150°C.

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FPA100 Characteristics

FPA100 Power rating at 25° C: 100W

Value range: 1R to 5M

Maximum  working voltage: 1kV rms

FPA100 Ohmic value range: E24

Tolerance (Code): Standard J (±5%) and K (±10%). Also available F (±1%) on request

Maximum. torque for contacts (static): 1.3Nm

Maximum. torque for base plate (static): 1.5Nm

Inductance:  ≤ 50nH

Tested Voltage proof:  Dielectric strength 4kV

Thermal resistance to cooling plate: R< 0.35°C/W

TCR options: Standard 100ppm (at +105°C ref to +25°C), also available 50ppm and 250ppm on request

Partial discharge rating: Up to ≥ 2kV rms / 80 pC

FPA 250 Characteristics

Power Dissipation: 250 watts

Value Range: 1R to 2M

Tolerance Options: ±5% or ±10%

TCR Options: ±100ppm/°C

Maximum Voltage: 5000Vdc

Dielectric Strength: 7000Vd

FPA 600 Characteristics

Power Dissipation: 600 watts at max 70°C bottom case temp

Value Range: R5 to 100K

Tolerance Options: ±5% or ±10%

TCR Options: ±150ppm/°C

Maximum Voltage: 5000Vdc

Dielectric Strength: 12000Vd