BEC Distribution Limited

Founded in 1978, BEC Distribution is an ISO9001-2015 accredited electronic components distributor specialising in offering original parts as well as drop-in alternatives with shorter lead times, and often at lower costs.

BEC Distribution has long-standing relationships with Contract Manufacturers in Medical Devices, Industrial Automation, Military, Fire Alarms, Audio/Visual, Automotive and Broadcast including Reference Designs, ODM and OEM support – these clients often need many special corresponding parts which require design-in work. Date codes, compliance to numerous regulations and engineering documentation have also become more critical for customers.

In today’s more strict local compliance conscious markets and out-sourcing industry trends, BEC Distribution adds value by complementing the efforts of our Original Manufacturing partners with local presence, elimination of local liability risks, not least a broader local technical customer support with inventories at two local UK warehouses.

For customers we offer both original brands as well as drop-in alternatives, LTB alerts and collate other info for corporate buyers to update their ERP systems.
From prototype to production, we are proud to support our customers.

Sourcing electronic components without proper legislative assessment and technical due diligence or documentation control could induce unforeseen potential risks, higher importations expenses, not least costly performance or quality compliance deviations. As a rule, we also always offer FOC samples.

Another value added is the effectiveness of a specialist distributor to address new markets and win new business. BEC Distribution investing between 18 months to two-years work with a new manufacturing partner or customer before any real return on investment is seen, is for us, a distinct commitment.

Customers too recognise that it is the total cost of ownership of components, not just the lowest spot price, which determines the most cost-effective way of buying.