About Arcol


Unusually for a worldwide company, ARCOL places great emphasis on ensuring that its manufacturing, production, sales and purchasing functions operate in one place. This has produced a dynamic hub that meets the needs of every customer and every partner with ease, regardless of location or requirements.

It enables us to consistently offer the personal service we have become renowned for – service that is prompt, reliable and loaded with added-value. Our people are one of our unique strengths.

At ARCOL they pride themselves on quality. It’s in their blood; it’s part of their heritage. That is why they fully comply with a host of quality standards. They are ISO 9001 approved and their range is fully RoHS compliant. If you have concerns about the WEEE directive and any of their products, talk to us.

Their materials and products are sourced from all over the world. Each one is made to the highest specification. Each one undergoes rigorous quality testing on site. Every step of the process at ARCOL is rooted in quality. Ask us how. Ask us what it means. We will be proud to tell you more.

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