About Stontronics

Since the company started in 1988, on a small industrial estate in Wokingham, Berkshire, we have achieved 20 years of continuous growth expanding 5 times over. Our most recent move was into a newly acquired factory and warehouse site in Reading, the heart of the Thames Valley.

Stontronics is unique in that we can offer samples and pre-production quantities of power supplies and transformers straight from our UK facility, so enabling you, our customer, to embark on your pilot production with assurance about availability of production quantities. Once your design has stabilised and your production needs have been established, we can then transfer manufacture to our Chinese facility for mass production at very competitive prices.

Our extensive range of products starts as low as 1 Watt DC-DC convertors right up to 2000 Watt switch mode PSUs with a huge choice in between. The company operates from a 15,000 square foot production facility and provides standard and custom made products for OEM and consumer markets.