About TOKO Inc Japan

TOKO, Inc., as a professional manufacturer of electronic parts indispensable to society, developed the world’s first IFT (intermediate frequency transformer) for transistor radios in 1955 and has made a great contribution to the development of electronics industry for over half a century. Now concentrating on the fields of Power and RF, TOKO further develops their core technology of coil products while displaying world widely the system of designing, production, and selling to satisfy the needs of customers around the world.

The development of resource & energy conservation technology has become a task for Toko in recent years to respond to environmental issues. TOKO starts corporate activities that aim at achieving a better global environment, keeps developing high efficiency products featured “Technological Toko” with a foresight ahead of times one step or two steps, and strives for manufacturing that does no harm to the global environment.

“Corporate atmosphere being free, open-minded, and with respect for each other”. TOKO has DNA of “Technological TOKO” that every one respects each other and always creates new value. With such DNA, we always look from customers’ viewpoints and offer high value added solutions to be able to meet customers’ increasingly challenging and diverse needs. In the future as we always do we will sensitively feel any intense change on the market and respond flexibly aiming at an enterprise possessing more value while fulfilling social responsibility. All employees and those who support our business will all contribute to achieve a fruitful and brilliant future.