Coilmaster Electronics (Established in 1995) – The Professional manufacturer for various kinds of passive component, such as SMD type of inductor(SMD Power Inductors / High current inductor) also known as Surface Mount Inductor / Power Inductor / High current power inductor, Through hole inductor (Radial leaded inductor), Common mode choke, Transformer, LAN magnetics. They are also consistently improving quality of products and aim a variety of choices to customers.

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TOKOFounded in 1955, TOKO has made significant contributions to the electronics industry – TOKO are a market-leading electronic component specialist. TOKO’s core business is coil-related products, and they have established development, production, and sales processes to satisfy our global demand whilst making technological advancements.

Products: Coils, Inductors, chokes, filters, voltage regulators, antennas
Applications: Digital AV field equipment, Mobile comms, PC & peripheral network interface, Automotive, Navigation

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Central Technologies

Founded in 1994, Central Technologies is a leading provider of quality inductive components and industry standard magnetics to major OEMs worldwide. While continuing to adhere to industry standard specifications, Central Technologies has aggressively expanded its product line to over 100 different series of parts. This breadth of product has allowed Central Technologies to successfully compete with other major component manufacturers.

Products: Inductors, Power magnetics, DC to DC converters, Transformers, Non-magnetic components, Transducers

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TEMWELL Group is a leading provider of Microwave and RF Solutions in the field of Wireless Communications in markets such as Aerospace, Military, Medicals, etc. Temwell Band has designed and manufactured Helical Band Pass Filter for more than 19 years. The Temstron product range offers complete RF solutions to achieve effective and efficient global competence.

Products: Filters

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