CPG151101D292 KK Thick golden/Bronze

Conduction travel:1.1±0.3mm
Return Force:≥12gf
Total travel:3.5±0.4mm
Operation Force:48±10gf
Operating Life:70,000,000 Cycles(min)
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1)Short Travel And Quick Actuation
Improving from the original KS speed switches, we upgraded the Kailh Super Speed Switches’ structure and features. The Kailh Super Speed Switches has a better percussion feel, trigger sound, and a lighter actuation force. They still however, have the original KS speed switches’ short key travel distance and quick actuation. If you want to try a speed switch, give the Super Speed switch a go.

2)Factory Pre-Lubed
The Super Speed switches are factory pre-lubed to ensure their smoothness and endurance. They also provide a smoother and more comfortable typing experience.

3)Lengthened Spring
Different spring lengths and structure designs offer users a variety of percussion feels and trigger sounds. The Super Speed copper switch’spring length is about 18 mm whereas others are 20.5 mm.