CPG151101S153 Midnight MX Silent Switch

Conduction travel:2.0±0.4mm
Bottom Force:45±10gf
Return Force:≥15gf
Total travel:4.0±0.6mm
Operation Force:40±10gf
Operating Life:70,000,000 Cycles(min)
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1)Upgrade Structure And Quieter
The Kailh Midnight Pro Silent Switch upgraded its structure and features from the original Midnight silent switch V1. By doing so, it can now provide a better silent effect and a more harmonious, modern appearance.

2)Factory Pre-Lubed
The switch is pre-lubed before leaving the factory to help avoid spring noise and unnecessary friction. The Midnight Pro Silent Switch will be the perfect choice if you are looking for a silent switch. It offers both linear and tactile options.

3)Innovative Muffler Pad Structure
The Midnight Pro adopts a wholely new silence scheme. The muffler pads inside both sides of the bases are thickened and widened to allow for a more silent effect. In order to offer a crisp and solid typing feel, we place a pad at the bottom of the base.