CPG1511F01S02 Box Switch-White

Conduction travel:1.80±0.3mm
Total travel:3.6±0.3mm
Operation Force:50±15gf
Return Force:≥15gf
Operating Life:80,000,000 Cycles(min)
Degree of protection: IP54
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1)Dustproof & Waterproof “Box” Structure
The highly-precise sealed “Box” structure provides extra protection for the contact plate and leaf. It has an IP56 waterproof and dustproof level to keep dust and moisture away.

2)Stable And Comfortable
The Kailh Box Switches feature a transparent PC-sealed cover, POM stem, and nylon base. They deliver superior stability and a comfortable typing experience. Their stems are designed with a square dust wall to give more stability and reduce the wobble of your keycaps.

3)Four Types of Typing Feel
These switches come in 4 colors to meet the needs of any preferences. Available in your choice of linear, tactile, clicky, and heavy-force linear switches.

4)High Compatibility 3-Pin Design
These 3-Pin switch bases are built with a hollowed-out light position design to offer compatibility to SMD-LED light and combines an MX stem structure to support most of the mechanical keyboards on the market as well.