CPG1511F01S109-1 Box V2 Switch-Brown

Conduction travel:2.0±0.4mm
Total travel:3.6±0.3mm
Operation Force:45±10gf
Tactile Force:75±10gf
Return Force:≥15gf
Operating Life:80,000,000 Cycles(min)
Degree of protection: IP54
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The new Box V2 switch features a POM stem, black translucent cover, and solid black base with a 5-Pin positioning column. The LED slot’s cover is half-sealed to assure more light can be transmitted. There are 2 small openings on the LED slot to make it compatible with the 2-Pin LED and SMD-LED. Additionally, compared to the V1, the Box V2 switch also has some differences in its typing feel. Instead of the V1’s traditional tactile, the Box V2 brown switch has a heavier and stronger tactile response and is more advanced than the V1. The Box V2 red switch also offers a more even and smooth feel than the V1.