WEET WFP CBB60 Round Shape and Plastics Case Motor Running Capacitor



Metallized polypropylene( MPP) film capacitor, Dry structure, Epoxy filling
Flame retardant plastic shell, RoHS Compliant
The protection class is S0, B and C Life Degree on request
High pressure-resistant,long life, Self-healing



Operating Temperature -40 ~ +85
Voltage Range 450VAC
Capacitance Range 1uF ~ 100uF
Capacitance Tolerance ±5%±10%
Operating Frequency 50/60Hz
Withstand Voltage T-T:2Un/2S; T-C:≥2200VAC/2S
Dissipation Factor ≤0.004 100Hz
Insulation Resistance ≥3000S