3RLab manufactures Non-Inductive Ultra-High-Voltage, High-Energy Precision Resistors, using Thick-Film, Thicker-Film, and Composite technologies.

Products: Non-Inductive Ultra-High-Voltage, High-Energy Precision Resistors

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ATEATE Range 2

ATE are a world leading manufacturer of power resistors with its production facility based in Italy, formed in 1970 and offering a quality range of products, especially the Aluminium housed resistors.

Products: Silicone coated, aluminium clad, thick film, wirewound, power resistors
Applications: Power, high voltage, Anti-moisture, capacitor discharge

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Metallux Resistors 2METALLUX

Metallux is  one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic devices in Thick Film Technologies, producing high-quality Resistors, Potentiometers, Sensors and Joysticks.

Resistor Product  Types: High Voltage, Precision, Pulse & Power
Technologies: Thick Film, Wirewound
Features: High Power, High Precision, High Pulse Capacity, High Voltage, Low Inductance
Applications: Measurement and test engineering, power and high voltage technology, medical technology, electrostatic, automotive and traffic engineering

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Established in 1983, TOKEN has developed “State of Art” production facilities, offering quality-manufactured passive resistor components.

Products: Power Resistors, Surface-Mount Resistors, High-Voltage Resistors, Wire-Wound Resistors

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QH Resistors are especially suitable for the water cooled high power resistors, and were the first manufacturer who released these series exclusively.

Applications include Industrial Automation, Military, Medical, Railway and Control Systems

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