BEC Distribution appointed official franchised distributor of ‘TOKYO PARTS Trading Company‘

TOKYO PARTS are a Japanese electronic components manufacturer offering electronic components for car manufacturers and products that support various purposes ranging from AV equipment, OA equipment, Lighting equipment, game machine to communication equipment.

Three of the main product lines are: Automotive, Coils and Motion sensors.

Automotive parts include actuators. Coils include Switching Transformers, Line filters, Inductors, Antenna Coils and Current Sensors).

Motion products include zero phase current transformers and haptic devices.

Tokyo Parts Industrial Co. was established in 1959 and is a major supplier to car-mounted electric parts to major automotive manufacturers, passive components for the EHII (Energy, Health, Industry, and IOT) fields, as well as motors for use by consumers and use in industrial equipment.

The company is headquartered in Gunma-Ken, Japan with offices and plants at Osaka, Tokyo, Guangdong, Chania, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Cambodia.