BEC Distribution appointed official franchised supplier of QH Resistors

July 2019 – Announcement: BEC Distribution appointed official franchised supplier by Xianyang Qinhua Special Electronic Components Co. promoting QH Resistors.

QH Resistors are especially suitable for the water cooled high power resistors, and were the first manufacturer who released these series exclusively.

Applications include Industrial Automation, Military, Medical, Railway and Control Systems.

The company has two large professional Laboratories:

High voltage test room:
AC-0-75kv DC0-105kv current 100mA high voltage test system, oxide film ultra-high frequency resistors simulation test bench, the output pulse voltage 0.5-5KV continuously adjustable pulse output power “= 500KW, pulse width 4.2μs, pulse frequency 50HZ, 100HZ, 150HZ, optional.

High current test room:
with 20KV1A, 10KV2A, 1KV20A, 100V250A and 120A / 250V continuous adjustable sophisticated test system; watercooled resistor (water cycle test system); oxide film thermal resistance sorting resistance system; A large number of large-capacity high-current test equipment with the industry advanced level.

Clients include the world’s top 500 customers: Schneider Electric, Rockwell, the United States Jabil for high-quality custom special resistor accessories on 5-year contracts.

QH Resistors are widely used in the domestic electrical and electronic environmental protection, power electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering, trade, wiring harness, electronic components industry support, large-scale security quarantine inspection and accelerator and isotope industry, medical equipment, High-voltage soft start system, automatic control industrial control, textile equipment, radio transmitter (dummy load), medical equipment , machine tool industry, electrical drive, railway signal electronic control, electronic systems engineering, switching technology.