DFES – Ultra-compact Low Profile Metal Alloy Power Inductor

A new joint development between TOKO & Murata has seen the creation of the new “DFES” series.

Combining the best of world leading technologies from both companies, DFES series has been designed for power supply for compact products such as Smartphones and other mobile devices.

Utilising TOKO’s winding and metal element technologies and combining it with Murata’s microfabrication and chip component product technologies the DFES series reached worlds best perfomance of high efficiency at 1608 size.

Main Features

  • Most compact size winding metal alloy inductor
  • High current and low Rdc with unique metal magnetic material

External Size

  • 1.6×0.8×0.8 mm

Mass Prodcution Schedule

  • Q4 2014
  • Full product ranges and values to follow
  • More sizes such as 2012 to be deveolped and added in the near future.

As the demand for further compact and thin, high performance product continues to grow, Murata and TOKO will continue to utilize their combined technologies to develop and expand, strategically, new line up of high efficiency metal alloy products.

If you have any demand or interest in these or any other TOKO products, please do not hesitate to contact BEC via email at sales@bec.co.uk or by phone +44 (0)845 4900 405.