High-Reliability Connector Alternatives

BEC Distribution Ltd has announced the availability of a new range of high-reliability connectors and sockets. They are part of BEC’s “BEC Select” range of quality Alternative Passives, offering affordable, high-quality Alternatives to the major manufacturers.

Very high reliability has been the goal, combining cost-effectiveness with high quality. The connectors are available on short lead times, with many ex-stock, offering a fast-turnaround Alternative to well-known manufacturers.

The connectors are designed and manufactured in accordance with major international standards and every connector uses high-quality materials and innovative designs. The result is high-reliability, quality products providing excellent mechanical and electrical properties.

The product types include Flash Memory Sockets (Compact Flash, SD, Micro SD and Smart Card), Circular Connectors (M5/M8/M12/M23), I/O Connectors (USB, HDMI, RJ45) and PCB Card Sockets (Mini PCI, M.2 NGFF and Mini PCI).

BEC is also a franchised distributor of resistors, inductors, coils, chokes, power supplies, LAN Magnetics and Transforms.

With a wide range of franchised distribution agreements in place, BEC Distribution offers quality alternatives to major brands for what they believe covers 95% of all passive components including TOKO/Murata, Sumida, TDK, Coilcraft, Cooper, Molex, Bourns, Tyco, Vishay, Wurth, Panasonic amongst others.

Within BEC Select, many products are ex-stock, with a low MOQ of just 10 pcs for samples. The policy of sourcing from different countries around the world ensures continuity of supply without compromising quality.

Samples and spec sheets are available on request. Sourced from established manufacturers around the globe, the ranges offer high-quality alternatives, often at a price lower than the well-known manufacturers. Quality is key – for example, many products feature gold-plated contacts and robust, rugged designs, ensuring long life. Error-reduction designs have also been utilised in the components.