Circular Connectors

INGKE circular connectors

INGKE has introduced a new range of circular connectors: M5 M8 M12 M16 M23. A comprehensive selection of designs is available, offering a wide range of connection solutions for devices with data rates up to 10 Gbps. Versions are also available for signals up to 19-pos and for supplying power up to 630 V and 30 A.

Other new Ingke connectors include an expanded range of 100/1000/2.5G/5G/10G Base-T RJ45 connectors. Ingke offer ompatible alternatives for TE, NorComp, ODU, HOLIN, and LEMO connectors.

The INGKE range includes:

– 10G RJ45 Connectors
– Single Port Jacks
– Ganged Jacks
– Stacked Jacks
– Circular Connectors

INGKE Technology’s certifications include ISO QMS system, environment certification, Hazardous Substance Process Management Certification, ROHS and UL, meeting most development and manufacturing requirements.

Huge stock of passive components

BEC also has a huge stock of passive components. Together with a wide range of franchised distribution agreements with quality alternative component manufacturers, BEC can provide high quality, pin-for-pin direct replacement or alternatives:

High Current Power Inductors, Power Inductors, Shielded Power Inductors, Chip Inductors, Multi-Layer Ceramic Chip Inductors, Radial Peaking Coils, Open Wire-Wound Chip Inductors, Thin-Film Chip Inductors, Common Mode Chokes, Line Filters, Transformers, RJ45 connectors, LAN Magnetics, Resistors, Power resistors, Aluminium profile resistors, Wire-wound resistors, Aluminium housed resistors, Compact brake resistors, Steel Grid Brake Resistors, Water-cooled break resistors , De-charge resistors.

Coils, Power supplies, PCB terminal blocks, DIN rail terminal blocks, Plug-in connectors, RJ45 Connectors, Sockets and plugs, 100 Base-T Magnetics Modules, Transforms, Measuring Transformers, Voltage Transformers , Single Port Jacks, Ganged Jacks, Stacked Jacks, Connector-plugs, Connector sockets, Wire Guard Terminal Blocks and Special Type Terminal Blocks.

Alternatives for many brands include: TOKO/Murata, Sumida, TDK, Coilcraft, Cooper, Molex, Bourns, Tyco, Vishay, Wurth, Panasonic, Phoenix Contact, Sauro, Euroclamp, Stelvio Kontek and Wago.