New Product lines: Ingke Technology Co.,Ltd

BEC Distribution can now offer an expanded range of 100/1000/2.5G/5G/10G Base-T (with POE/POE+, 30w,60w,90w, 720mA,900mA) RJ45 connector & Circular Connectors(M5,M8,M12) compatible alternatives for with TE, NorComp, ODU, HOLIN, LEMO, whether as ‘standard’ or customized for every customer, by INGKE Technology Co Ltd, a globally recognised leading manufacturer of:

– 10G RJ45 Connectors
– Single Port Jacks
– Ganged Jacks
– Stacked Jacks
– Circular Connector

INGKE has a strong Technical Support Team capable of helping customers starting from the design phase all the way to manufacturing.

BEC Distribution would be a proactive distribution partner to support the UK market and welcome any OEM/ ODM requirement.

INGKE Technology’s top quality: through many item of ISO QMS system, environment certification, Hazardous Substance Process Management Certification, ROHS and UL would enable us to meet most development and manufacturing requirements.

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