02-658F-4R7M Power Inductors – Shielded

Series From 1.0μH to 4.7μH
Spec Sheet

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Description: SMD shielded power inductors
• Low DCR
• Ultra low buzz noise
• Frequency range up to 1.0MHz
Applications: D/C converters in distributed power systems, High current POL converters, Servers and Solar converters, Thin type on-board power supply module.
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +125°C
Isat(A): DC Current that will cause L0 to drop approximately 30%.
Irms(A): DC current that will cause an approximate DT of 40°C Part Temperature (Ambient+Temp.Rise): Should not exceed 125°C under worst case operating conditions. Circuit design, component placement, PWB trace size and thickness, airflow and other cooling provisions all affect the part temperature. Part temperature should be verified in the end application.


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