CPG135301D02 Choc V2 Low Profile-Brown

Conduction travel:1.30±0.3mm
Total travel:3.2±0.25mm
Operation Force:50±10gf
Tactile Force:55±10gf
Return Force:≥15gf
Operating Life:50,000,000 Cycles(min)
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1)Short Pre-Travel Distance And Quick Actuation
The Kailh Choc V2 Low Profile Switch is a new version of the Kailh low profile switch series that features a short pre-travel distance (1.3mm±0.30mm) and quick actuation to deliver a fast and comfortable typing experience. This switch is the perfect option for low-profile switch enthusiasts who want to build a low-profile keyboard.
2)Ultra-slim Design
The switch body thickness is only 8.6mm thanks to the low-profile keyboard design.
3)Waterproof & Dustproof Stem
The stem has a circlular dust wall design to give you more keycap options than the older version and protection from water and dust.