Common Mode Inductors

Common Mode Inductors – Itacoil SCT Series

We can now offer the SCT Series of Common Mode Inductors from Itacoil:

  • Ring Core Common Mode Inductors in different dimensions
  • Cased version also available, maintaining a very low cost
  • Excellent common mode interference suppression
  • Differential mode filtering against symmetrical interferences
  • High insulation between windings
  • Excellent performance/dimensions ratio
  • Custom Ring Core Common Mode Inductors on request

Common Mode Inductors can be used for various electronic applications including noise filtering and energy storage (buck-boost-smoothing) and so on. Many of them, even if conceived for specific uses, can also be optimal for different uses. We can supply custom Inductors in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

We can also provide quality passive alternatives to major brands, replacement passive components, discontinued passive components, EOL End of Life components, Pin-for-pin Second Source Alternatives and Terminal Block Alternatives.

BEC Distribution covers 95% of all passive components including:

High Current Power Inductors, Power Inductors, Shielded Power Inductors, Chip Inductors, Multi-Layer Ceramic Chip Inductors, Radial Peaking Coils, Open Wire-Wound Chip Inductors, Thin-Film Chip Inductors, Common Mode Chokes, Line Filters, Transformers, RJ45 connectors, LAN Magnetics, Resistors, Power resistors, Aluminium profile resistors, Wire-wound resistors, Aluminium housed resistors, Compact brake resistors, Steel Grid Brake Resistors, Water-cooled break resistors , De-charge resistors, Coils, Power supplies, PCB terminal blocks, DIN rail terminal blocks, Plug-in connectors, RJ45 Connectors, Sockets and plugs, 100 Base-T Magnetics Modules, Transforms, Measuring Transformers, Voltage Transformers , Single Port Jacks, Ganged Jacks, Stacked Jacks, Connector-plugs, Connector sockets, Wire Guard Terminal Blocks and Special Type Terminal Blocks.

Many well-known manufacturers currently have lead times of 18-26 weeks, often with product allocation policies. BEC’s alternatives are available on 5-7 weeks delivery (excluding public holidays). Many products are ex-stock, with a low MOQ of just 10 pcs for samples. The policy of sourcing from different countries around the world ensures continuity of supply without compromising quality.

TOKO/Murata, Sumida, TDK, Coilcraft, Cooper, Molex, Bourns, Tyco, Vishay, Wurth, Panasonic, Phoenix Contact, Sauro, Euroclamp, Stelvio Kontek and Wago.

Samples and spec sheets are available on request.