EOL Passive Components


No more long lead times and unavailable End-of-Life Passive Components.

To help engineers and buyers in the Electronic Components Industry with End-of-Life (EoL) issues and today’s long lead times for current products, BEC Distribution has announced the availability of direct alternatives to TOKO/Murata, Coilcraft, Vishay and Sumida lines, with short lead times of 6-8 weeks, where most manufacturers are currently working on 16-30 weeks.

BEC’s range of EoL replacements and pin-for-pin replacements for current passives includes: shielded power inductors, multi-layer ceramic chip inductors, radial peaking coils, open wire-wound chip inductors and thin-film chip inductors.

Typically, large component manufacturers discontinue product lines after 5-10 years. This can have a potentially disastrous impact on customers whose products have longer expected lifetime eg Aerospace, Medical, Surveillance or Defence industry equipment. The availability of BEC’s component replacements will far exceed 10 years.

BEC Distribution’s EoL component supplies will be a lifeline to R&D engineers and buyers, where components have been designed into their product lines. With a stock of 15m passive components and franchised distribution agreements with quality alternative component manufacturers, BEC can provide high quality, pin-for-pin direct replacement or alternatives. If the required components are not in stock, then BEC will track down and source matching alternatives, ensuring that EoL issues will not hinder customers’ projects.