BEC stocks alternative components for end-of-life TOKO Inductors and Coils

BEC Distribution, franchised distributor for Central Technologies, has announced the stock availability of alternative components for end-of-life TOKO Inductors and Coils.

The following TOKO inductors and coils are about to reach or have already reached end-of-life status. BEC Distribution offer quality DIRECT REPLACEMENTS for:

TOKO D52FU replacement 02-299F
TOKO D10F   replacement 02-165F
TOKO D73C   replacement 02-073F
TOKO 8RBS   replacement 02-226F
TOKO 8RB     replacement 02-225F
TOKO 10RB   replacement 02-249F

Founded in 1994, Central Technologies is a manufacturer of quality inductive components and industry-standard magnetics to major OEMs worldwide.

Comprehensive design assistance is available – BEC’s own team have a vast technical knowledge and will happily provide technical advice and stock availability, negotiate volume pricing, provide delivery information and organise scheduled deliveries.

Contact BEC’s sales office on 0845 4900 405 or email for stock availability and pricing.