Metallux Thick-Film Resistors

The full range of Metallux Thick-Film Resistors are now in stock – BEC is the sole UK distributor for Metallux.

Thick-film resistors offer high resistance values (in the high GΩ range), an impressive electric strength per individual element of about 100 kV, minimal tolerances and excellent stability up to an operational temperature of 80° Centigrade.

The PLR thick-film resistors achieve a capacity rating of >300 W, as a result of the design which incorporates a base substrate with high heat capacity and good heat conductance.

The Metallux PLR product range fulfils all requirements of the low voltage directive as well as UL-relevant requirements. PLRC standard resistors are available for applications in the medium voltage range, with a rated voltage of up to 6 kV. In addition, the PLR series can be modified to suit custom applications.

Applications for thick-film resistors include measuring resistors in high voltage generators for industrial and medical systems, energy transfer and distribution systems, high voltage measuring and testing equipment and spectroscopy for material analysis.

The Metallux PLR thick-film resistors are also used in electrostatics applications such as electrostatic powder and wet paint coating, as well as in the discharging and dehumidification of paper and films during the printing process.

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