BEC Appointed UK & Ireland Distributor by LinkCom

BEC Distribution Ltd has announced the signing of a UK & Ireland Distribution Agreement with LinkCom Manufacturing, a global vendor of Passive Magnetics.

LinkCom’s wide range of products are an important addition to the “BEC Select” range of quality Alternative Passives, offering affordable, high-quality Alternatives to the major manufacturers, with much-reduced lead times.

LinkCom was established in 1988, to design and manufacture magnetics products. Over the last three decades, LinkCom has developed a very wide range of magnetics. Many of LinkCom’s magnetics are mentioned on the BOMs of IC companies such as Silicon Labs, Texas Instruments, Broadcom, Qualcomm, Intel, Realtek and Max Linear.

LinkCom is continuously working with these and other IC companies in order to achieve further approvals. LinkCom has also become an intelligent module solutions provider. The engineering team can fulfil customer requirements such as miniaturization and custom specifications.

LinkCom products include:


Telecom: LAN, xDSL, Ghn, PLC HomePlug, Balun and voiceband transformers; CMC

Power Magnetics: conventional power, planar, LLC tank and PoE transformers

EMI/RFI Filters

Automotive magnetics for OBC and BMS applications, charging station components

Wireless charging coils

BEC is also a franchised distributor of resistors, inductors, coils, chokes, power supplies, LAN Magnetics and Transforms.