Itacoil Resonant Transformers added to “BEC Select”

BEC Distribution has added a new range of Resonant Transformers to their “Select” range of quality Passive Alternatives. Unlike products from the major manufacturers, the Select range is available on short lead times, typically 5-7 weeks.

The Itacoil Resonant Transformers are for LLC or LCC converters, with integrated inductance. Suited for converters based on chips produced by ST Microelectronics, Fairchild, Texas Instruments, ON Semiconductor, Motorola, NXP, Power Integrations, Infineon, International Rectifier and many others.
Operating frequency 40KHz to 1000KHz.

The Transformers offer high creepage/clearance/DTI for reinforced insulation according to EN61558, EN60950, etc. UL Recognized Component Mark on standard products, available on request on custom products.

BEC is a franchised distributor of a large range of electronic components and can offer quality alternatives to major brands for what is believed to cover up to 95% of all passive components including TOKO/Murata, Sumida, TDK, Coilcraft, Cooper, Molex, Bourns, Tyco, Vishay, Wurth, Panasonic amongst others.

BEC is also a franchised distributor of Terminal Blocks and a wide range of Connectors.

All Samples provided FOC.